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Amal, your English contact
Thusitha, your French contact

Amal, your English contact

Mr Wijesinghe Amal

Mail: amallinsa@gmail.com

Mobile: 0094772390174

Office: 0094812475288

Thusitha, your French contact

Mr Bosc Thusitha

Mail: srilandholidays@gmail.com

For any further information, you can contact us via email, in French or in English.


Programs and possible visits will be sent via email as soon as you selected a trip. Please be aware that prices may vary depending on the type of vehicle chosen and the nature of the guide.

Contact us and we will follow you a detailed estimation.


Thank you for specifying:


  • The chosen formula: One of our 3 proposed tours or a tailor made trip
  • The length of your stay (tailor made trip)
  • The number of persons
  • With a driver or a tourist guide
  • The type of vehicle
Buddhist monk statues going to Gold Buddha temple, Dambulla

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